Reviews and links to church management software packages

At we publish independent reviews of popular software and management tools for churches across the globe. Here you will most certainly find the right solution for your church, no matter what your software and church management needs.

Increasingly church administrators are finding that the use of church management software is helpful in automating many of the time-intensive routine administration tasks. Many software packages have been developed but few meet the REAL needs of the busy church administrator and here, at, we hope to make your life easier by helping you choose the right tool for you.
Defining the right software for your church office is a major decision, and not one to be rushed, particularly since churches often operate on tight budgets. Above all, you should bear in mind not just what your requirements are right at the moment, but also what your future requirements may be.

Many different types of church management software have now been developed to help you with every aspect of your church administration. These include church accounting packages, contribution records, tithes and contributions, membership and attendance tracking, detailed financial analysis, growth planning, premade bulletin headers and even your web site images and content.

A good time to choose new software is right now because you need time to familiarize yourself with the application(s) before you 'go live' and rely on them totally.

Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Analysis

Many of the church accounting packages now available include integrated membership and attendance information in addition to being able to track contributions and pledges.

And for the layman, a simple bookkeeping package with built-in reporting function can usually provide all that's needed for the good management of your church accounts.

Create and Maintaining your Database of Church Members

With some churches (particularly in USA) having over 10,000 members in the congregation, the need to create and manage an accurate database is clear if you want to know what's happening within your church. Keeping track of your regular attendees and their various activities and donations will undoubtedly help you plan ahead and help your organisation to grow.

A whole range of software is available to churches, even with tens of thousands of members or attendees, to manage new church plants. These superbly designed database systems can also integrate with church scheduling, event management, bulletin mailing, email shots or church attendance. And, for external use, they also integrate flawlessly with MS Word, Excel and Outlook.

Impressive Presentations

Combining movie clips, static pictures, lyrics, videos and other digital media to create a compelling presentation is essential in today's image-conscious world. Increasingly, God's work is being done by combining images and professionally presented words to enhance worship and better understanding.

The same is true for Song Management. Using music planning software for your church service helps add professionalism and aids church leaders in praise and worship. Few churches are now without this vital tool.

There are several online web sites (some better than others) that specialize in presenting the word of God in a professional, thoughtful way that is easily understood and integrated by the congregation. At, we will lead you to the good ones.

Scheduling of Staff and Volunteer Helpers

Fortunately, most churches find that they have an increasing number of paid staff and volunteers who are willing to help run the parish and its events. Managing their time and their schedules around their other commitments is often complex, and this is where church software can help. With the right software, you can completely remove the headache of planning and creating written schedules. You will easily be able to create appointments, manage rotas and organize your people on autopilot.

Managing Church Growth

Managing successful church growth requires the right tools so that you can easily and efficiently keep track of visitors and create an automated follow-up system. When planning and organizing church events (and evaluating the results) good quality church software is invaluable and will help your church grow successfully. And we'll show you where to find the right software for you.

Bookmark this site and take your time to read our reviews of the most popular church software packages for the church office. (We also tell you where you can find free software downloads!) You'll find software for just about every application required by a modern church.